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We are an organic skincare brand born in the heart of Kumaon. We are on a mission to provide the goodness and wholeness of the Himalayas at an affordable price to your doorstep. We believe in ethically sourcing organic and sustainable products.

At our Himalayan skincare brand, we believe that the power of nature heals and transforms. We only formulate with the highest quality natural ingredients that are locally grown.

Clean beauty is something that we believe should be accessible and affordable for all. We are here to raise standards and not price. We are committed to using what’s good for you and your skin.

  • Neha

    AMAZING products!

    Wonderful products and everything I use works so well on my dry skin. I faithfully use the Deep Nourishing Moisture Cream for my day and night cream. My skin is so healthy and glowy using Baan Organics products!

  • Bhumika

    Truly obsessed with your products!

    I’m truly obsessed with your products! I have sensitive skin and your products are so magical for my skin. I can’t believe how much these products have evened out my complexion and hydrated my skin. And it’s ALL NATURAL!!

  • Samarth

    Love the natural ingredients!!

    Love the natural ingredients that are truly effective. My skin looks and feels so much healthier. I recommend you guys to everyone!

  • Nivisha

    The experience and results are amazing!!

    It's my favorite organic skincare brand for so many reasons. The Apricot & Walnut exfoliating scrub had my skin feeling refreshed and smooth. The Essential Herbs Comforting Cream is light, gentle, and feels refreshing.